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USDA Prime

We've become known for this jaw-dropping specialty cut. While it’s rapidly gaining notoriety in the culinary world, it’s still not commonly found on most menus. Our Prime Tomahawk steak is a superior, highly marbled cut of beef that delivers on all fronts: flavor, presentation, tenderness, size, and value. Heads will turn (including yours) when you order our Tomahawk ribeye. Whether you’re looking to go big for a special occasion or you venture in for our Tomahawk Tuesday menu, the Tomahawk will engage all five of your senses and is guaranteed to elevate your dining experience.


Tomahawk Steak Origins

The Tomahawk steak is a bone-in ribeye with at least 7 inches of the long bone still attached. It’s the center cut of the primal beef rib, the same section as any other ribeye, but the signature extra-long bone is left attached. It can go by many names, but it’s often called the Tomahawk because the bone resembles the handle of a Tomahawk Axe. The technique of leaving the bone on and cutting it a specific way is known as “frenching.” Our Tomahawk ribeye is approximately 1.25 inches thick and is 35oz of bone-in perfection.

Preparing The Perfect Tomahawk Steak

Every Prime Tomahawk steak is expertly aged, frenched, and then seasoned with our signature salt-and-pepper blend and broiled at 1600 degrees (no more, no less) to your desired temperature. Of all our steaks, it takes the longest to broil simply because of its size. As for recommended temperature, we believe that your way is always the right way, though generally when a steak has a lot of marbling, we recommend a temperature of either medium rare or medium so that the marbling has time to caramelize and release the most flavor.

Once your Tomahawk leaves the broiler it’s time for the most important part of the preparation process: resting. This ensures natural moisture and flavors stay locked inside the steak. We transfer it to a 350-degree plate and finish it with a touch of butter and parsley before bringing it out to your table. Our signature compound butters, and over-the-top steak companions are just one more way to further enhance your masterful steak experience. See what butters and companions our Corporate Executive Chef recommends for our Prime Tomahawk below.

Is A Prime Tomahawk Steak Right For You?

Choose this cut if you’re looking for a steak that is:

  • As striking in appearance as it is in flavor due to its Tomahawk axe-shaped bone and size
  • Prime, with the most intense marbling and flavor out of all of our steak cuts
  • Not widely available on most menus, even the finest steakhouses
  • Ideal for sharing at 35oz, especially during our Tomahawk Tuesday menu
  • Tender and lightly charred near the bone, with roasted buttery notes

Best Prime Tomahawk Companion

Truffle Poached Lobster

Combine our Prime Tomahawk with rich béarnaise, succulent lobster, hints of truffle and caviar for a stunning, luxurious mouthfeel. It’s the pairing you never knew you needed, until now. EXPLORE OUR OTHER STEAK COMPANIONS >

Best Butter Pairing

Herbed Horseradish

There’s already so much flavor happening in our Prime Tomahawk, the herbed horseradish adds a fiery heat that opens up the palate and complements the unctuous flavors.

Ideal Wine Pairings

Cabernet Sauvignon

The dryness and intensity you get with a well-structured cabernet sauvignon strikes a balance with all the ultra-savory umami notes that come from our Prime Tomahawk’s signature bone and marbling. EXPLORE MORE >

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