About Chef Ryan Dornon

The character, personality, and distinctive care of home cooking are integral to Chef Ryan Dornon’s culinary experience since the very beginning. As a child, he worked hand-in-hand with his mother, grandmother, and step-father’s relatives to learn Sicilian-style cooking from scratch. Beginning with his childhood Sunday table and continuing onto his Chef’s Table, Chef Ryan’s passion for self-expression through cooking is inherent to the dishes he creates. This often includes combining his personal inspirations with the cultural atmosphere of Cleveland. One of his Chef’s Table features was pierogies, a nod to the region’s thriving Polish community, made from his grandmother’s recipe. Chef Ryan’s cultural inspirations are varied, with particular nods to southwestern “cowboy cuisine” through handmade spices and rubs. His personal inspiration is found in his family, who serve as both taste testers for new dishes and cheerleaders for upcoming ones.

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