About Chef Michael Baker

A child who rarely went out to eat, Chef Michael hailed from a family that encouraged meals to be cooked at home, instilling a culinary instinct in him from the get-go. He took this passion to culinary school before finding an opportunity to bring those skills to life in an Italian restaurant. Something Chef Michael loves about working in the kitchen is its variability; for Chef Michael, change is a constant to be embraced daily in his work. This was a huge appeal to joining the team at Fleming’s, with no day being the same. The creative flexibility that Chef’s Table affords him the opportunity to produce the amazing dishes you’ll find on his Chef’s Table menu. This menu often includes an innovative mix of flavors, textures and combinations, even though comfort food is his go-to when cooking for friends and family at home. Serving the Las Vegas audience has given Chef Michael a chance to impress his Guests with his inventive presentations which continue to evolve.