About Chef Thomas Speigel

For Chef Thomas, it all began with beating eggs and peeling shrimp. He recalls the laborious effort of peeling 50 pounds of shrimp weekly, but he wouldn’t trade it for the world — it led him to his passion. Having worked the kitchen scene for years, Chef Thomas sought a new, exciting challenge when he joined the Fleming’s kitchen. Fusing flavor into his food and passion into his craft, Chef Thomas runs a kitchen under the philosophy that cooking is life, not work. Whether he’s creating new dishes or transforming traditional recipes, he encourages his team to embrace this mentality. Dining from his menu, you can expect an array of locally cultivated meats and produce, but you can’t expect predictability. Chef Thomas best showcases his talent when he knows he’s pleasing his Guests, and Chef’s Table is an ideal opportunity for him to do so. Staying true to his philosophy, he continues to branch out with his recipes. Recently, he’s dabbled with creating decadent desserts that Guests are sure to enjoy.