About Chef Rigoberto Castillo

Unbeknownst to most, southern hospitality is only one of Chef Rigoberto’s many skills. His best-kept secret is that he was born in Guatemala. He left at a young age, following the footsteps of his brothers who worked in the restaurant business in the U.S. His culinary interest began in Southern California when he began working as a dishwasher. Along the way, his family brought him to the Carolinas, and he’s been working in the South for over a decade. When Chef Rigoberto first arrived, he had never heard of shrimp and grits; now, he’s the expert on southern favorites. Chef’s Table has pushed him out of this comfort zone and stretched him as a culinary artist, and he embraces the challenge to constantly innovate. This spirit has led Chef Rigoberto to draw influences from different cultures, including flavors from Peruvian, Japanese, and Mexican cuisine. At his Chef’s Table, you can expect to find traces of his Guatemalan roots throughout his dishes, as he is hungry to innovate traditional southern cuisine.