About Chef Daryl Webb

With the freedom to try new things and experiment with his Chef’s Table menu, Chef Daryl marries flavors of local fresh ingredients, often with a global flair. Having extensive experience in the kitchen creating different ethnic dishes and experimenting with flavor, Chef Daryl’s resume is an impressive story of hard work and natural culinary skills. From as early as high school, he has cultivated his craft by working his way up through the ranks, starting as a food runner to bringing his creativity and culinary innovation to several Fleming’s kitchens before settling in Tampa. While Chef Daryl’s menu refreshes seasonally, one of the many highlights to keep an eye out for his is rendition of Oysters Rockefeller with crème spinach sauce and a touch of anise and a blend of other flavors. Of his many favorite dishes to prepare, on the top of the list is a roasted leg of lamb, simple but with the perfect blend of flavors. No matter the season or menu, you know you will find the freshest, most authentic flavors on Chef Daryl’s Table.