About Chef Matt Nabor

Chef Matt’s culinary journey began in high school. He worked at a pizza shop before transferring into the seafood scene. Working behind the scenes with different foods was exciting to him, and it inspired him to attend culinary school. He has been in the kitchen ever since. Eventually, he followed his wife to Orlando and worked in the culinary scene at Disney. One thing that excites Chef Matt most about being a chef is the variety in his day-to-day life; for that reason and many more, Chef Matt accepted a position with Fleming’s, where he started as a Sous Chef. Being part of the Fleming’s family was just one of the perks — Chef Matt loves contributing his craft to the Chef’s Table. If you ask Chef Matt how he brainstorms his menu, he’ll tell you his focus is on seasonality. He lives by the mantra, “Be smart about what you’re picking,” and bases his dishes off this strategic mindset.