About Chef Innocent Utomi

“I see joy,” is the reason why Chef Innocent has dedicated his life to cooking. There’s a priceless look on his Guests’ faces when they’re blown away by the culinary experience, and this is what inspires Chef Innocent to cook. Originally from Nigeria, Chef Innocent first fell in love with cooking while working alongside his mother in the kitchen. From there, he studied in London and spent time working in various restaurants, with a particular flair for French cooking. He took a turn in his culinary journey when he decided to move to Miami to pursue opportunities in kitchen management. Among these experiences, along with his technical background, the greatest lesson he learned was the importance of flavor. For Chef Innocent, flavor is everything, which is where Chef’s Table comes into the picture. At Fleming’s, not only does he enjoy learning from and teaching his kitchen staff, but he also has a freedom unlike any other: to invent his own meals every month.