About Chef Mike Sierra

Chef Miguel is a self-proclaimed travel bug, coming from a military family that lived everywhere from Japan to New York throughout his childhood. He recalls experiences he cherished with his family, who encouraged dining at different restaurants and always trying new foods. In his endeavors, Chef Miguel sampled foods from all around the world, which has empowered his diversity as a culinary expert. Now a Florida resident, Chef Miguel welcomes the chance to serve new Guests. He looks for opportunities to incorporate coastal flavors to appeal to a new demographic. He keeps Guests as his priority, seeking feedback and inspiration from their desires. Throughout his traveling endeavors, he has found an affinity for marrying flavors of various backgrounds, namely from Florida, New York, and Japan. The list doesn’t stop there — Chef Miguel sees Chef’s Table as a bright opportunity for personal growth as a chef, and he takes each month as a chance to put his own unique spin on classic dishes such as seafood combinations that anyone from tourists to Florida residents can enjoy the seaside charm.