About Chef Marissa Mizuki

Starting when she was nine years old, Chef Marissa used her school’s library each week to check out cookbooks and make meals for her family. From that very young age, she was inspired by her family’s passion for home-cooked food and fresh ingredients. The kitchen was always a place of comfort and creativity, and she currently continues that philosophy at home with her son and in her work at Fleming’s. As she began learning and experimenting as a chef, she started carrying a notebook with her at all times to jot down flavor combinations, techniques to explore, and any other inspiration that came to mind. Once she arrived at Fleming’s, she excitedly took those ideas off the page and put them on plates for our Guests. She remains anchored by the philosophy that the best recipes are ones that use fresh ingredients, stimulate the senses, and feel like home. Chef Marissa loves using seasonal inspiration and fusing different cultures and ingredients to truly put a piece of herself into each dish.