Vérité, 100-Point Wine By The Glass

Your 100-point palate deserves a wine of equal caliber. Join us in restaurant for a glass of the world-renowned 100-pt Vérité, La Joie Bordeaux Blend, 2012, a rare offering made possible by Coravin. Aged for 15 months in new French Oak, this magnificent Bordeaux Blend exudes notes of red currant, black plum and tart black cherry balanced with elements of fresh cut herbs, powdered mushroom and oak for a subtle, earthy finish.

Experience Vérité's 100-point pour in a Riedel Performance Glass to get to know the wines full expression and then take two Riedel Performance glasses home for future pours.

Available while supplies last.


*Not available in Salt Lake City, UT, Radnor, PA or Des Moines, IA. Available in restaurant while supplies last.

Categories: Wine