Winery Spotlight: Caymus & The Wagner Family

What started as a dream to develop a small winery has flourished into a multi-generational family of winemakers with the shared goal of bringing you the best of Napa Valley.

“Being family owned is a very important thing. There’s a responsibility for us as family owners to do the right thing whether it’s in the vineyard, whether it’s in the cellar, people know it comes from our family to yours and there’s a trust level there.”
– Winemaker Charlie Wagner

The exploration continues with the Wagner Family. Discover for yourself what sets Caymus apart with our four-course Earth, Wine & Fire Wine Dinner featuring four wine pairings from the Wagner Family Portfolio.

Featured Wine Pairings:
  1. Course 1: Paired with Sea Sun, Chardonnay California
  2. Course 2: Paired with Red Schooner, Malbec, Voyage 9
  3. Course 3: Paired with Caymus Vineyards, Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley, 2019
  4. Course 4: Paired with Emmolo, Sparkling California, No. 1
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