Starters That Make
A Statement

Mark Your Meaningful Moment With Us

We revel in creating moments that exceed your expectations. Our new selection of showstopping starters are a testament to that, going above standard hors d’oeuvres to present you with a truly immersive dining experience — one that just happens to precede your main course. Carefully selected with the same level of quality and passion that defines us, our freshly shucked PEI Chappell Creek Oysters and Chilled Shellfish Tower have been drawing a lot of attention in our dining rooms. As with our Prime steaks, our standards are exceptionally high. Our premium seafood is sourced from the finest fisheries and purveyors around the nation, from the Alaskan and California Coasts all the way to the North Atlantic, between Canada and Maine. These light, refreshing, raw bar inspired selections are the perfect palate primer for our steaks. Let us elevate your celebration — and deliver an experience that truly transcends ordinary.

Our Next-Level Experience Chilled Shellfish Tower

All eyes will be on your party when we deliver this extravagant tower to your table. Buttery sweet North Atlantic Lobster. Massive shrimp. Freshly shucked oysters. And then there’s the proverbial cherry on top: a luscious layer of beautifully presented Alaskan Golden King Crab Legs. Our Chilled Shellfish Tower is available in two sizes. Our large tower has three opulent tiers and is designed to delight a party of 4-6 Guests. Our small two-tiered tower is curated for 1-2 Guests, making it ideal for a more intimate occasion. Whatever brings you in to dine with us, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, major milestone or “just because,” we invite you to mark your towering accomplishments and everyday moments alike with our Chilled Shellfish Tower.

Let's Take it From the Top

Alaskan Golden King Crab Legs

It’s appropriate that the crown layer of our Chilled Shellfish Tower is the Golden King Crab. Harvested from the rocky, volcanic waters surrounding the remote Aleutian Islands of Alaska, these prickly, golden-hued crab legs are subtler in sweetness than the more widely known Red King Crab. They’re found at extreme, icy-cold depths reaching more than 1800 feet below sea level, making them a more challenging and hence, highly prized catch. And because we believe your dining experience should be pure leisure and joy, we expertly crack these delicate treasures on your behalf, ensuring that when they arrive at your table, they’re effortless to enjoy.


Our house-made creamy mustard sauce. The rich, sweet notes from the King Crab are beautifully offset by the sauce’s velvety texture and a subtle, zesty kick.

North Atlantic Lobster Tails and Claws Alongside Colossal Shrimp

Last but certainly not least is a timeless tier of North Atlantic Lobster Tails and Claws and Colossal Shrimp. Our North Atlantic Lobster gets its distinctively sweet, buttery flavor from the ice cold, mineral-rich waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, from Maine to Canada. Meanwhile our shrimp are colossal in both size and flavor — but they’re also remarkably flavorful. Make every bite more vibrant with our cocktail sauce that provides a zesty contrast to the shrimp’s delicate nature.

Oysters with House-made Mignonette

The second tier of our Chilled Shellfish Tower is equally impressive, featuring freshly shucked Prince Edward Island Chappell Creek Oysters. Prince Edward Island's cold, nutrient-rich waters create an ideal habitat for oysters to thrive. Our healthy-sized PEI Chappell Creek Oysters are known for their clean, briny flavor and lightly sweet finish. They're served alongside our house-made mignonette sauce, crafted from a blend of red wine, rice wine vinegar, and minced shallots that enhances the natural brininess of the oysters.

Our Secret Sauce

We've got three. Experience the robust tang of our cocktail sauce, the velvety richness of our creamy mustard sauce, and the boldness of our brandy mustard sauce. There’s no wrong combination — we encourage exploration — but if there's one pairing you absolutely must try, it's the Alaskan Golden King Crab Legs with our creamy mustard sauce.

Ideal Wine Pairings

Dry Sparkling White Wine

Dry Sparkling Wine
Elevate our showstopping Chilled Shellfish Tower with a celebratory glass of bubbles. A dry sparkling white wine brings out the buttery sweet flavor of our Alaskan Golden King Crab Legs, North Atlantic Lobster, and Colossal Shrimp, while complementing the natural brininess of our PEI Chappell Creek Oysters. SEE THE WINE LIST >

Sauvignon Blanc

A crisp and vibrant Sauvignon Blanc adds a new layer of flavor to our Chilled Shellfish Tower. Its citrusy notes and lively acidity create a dynamic contrast alongside our succulent assortment of shellfish. SEE THE WINE LIST >

Experience The Perfect Prelude to Our Steaks.

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